1. What is LCL ?  LCL is “less than container load”. This is used for an individually skidded (palletized) crate, barrel or lose box shipment consolidated on freight carriers bound for the intended destinations. This service is designed for those shipments whose space is insufficient to fill a 20ft container with a total capacity of 1168 cft/33.0cbm  

2. Do you do LCL?  Yes  


3. What is FCL?  FCL is full container load.This is used for shipments which contain enough cargo to fill or occupy an entire 20ft (1168cft/33cbm) or a 40ft (2395cft/68cbm) foot container.


4. Do you do FCL?  Yes


5. What is the difference between self-delivered shipment and residential pick-up?  (i) shipment delivered to carriers. This is the most economical way to ship barrel, boxes and crated cargo overseas.  (ii) shipment pick-up by P.C.S. directly at exporters location will attract a fee and will be based on address of pick-up locations.  


6. What shipping document s is needed for my shipment?  With P.C.S. you will be able to print or submit most common shipping documents on-line or at the office location you will be presented with a shipping document.  


7. What will be the transit time for my shipment?  One to three weeks for some destinations.  


8. Is my freight insured?  Important Note: If insurance has been purchased, the amount of coverage must be in correspondence with the total value indicated on packing list.  


9. What is QF/QM?  (i) inches 58*41*45=1070,010/1728=61.9cf  (ii)cm 147*104*114=1.77cm  one cubic meter =35.315 cubit feet  

Frequently Asked Questions